Emotion is your superpower.

Enhance guest satisfaction, optimize staff efficiency and uphold your brand's reputation by harnessing guest sentiment in real-time to maximize your revenue.

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How can you use Easyway Guest sentiment in your hotel

Easyway Guest Sentiment automatically detects how your guests feel via guest journey touch points to:


Learn what your guests think about your services, amenities and facilities, and adjust your offers to meet their needs and expectations via an all-in-one system.

Get insights


Let Easyway AI take over and respond automatically to a variety of pre-conceived guest journey scenarios, providing accurate, real-time service, saving you time and money.

Streamline the personalized guest journey


Spot happy guests and make them your brand ambassadors by directing them to review sites and social media pages where they can share memorable experiences from your hotel.
Go ahead and upsell services to happy guests as well, elevating their stay even more!

Leverage guest satisfaction, and increase revenue


Identify guests who're experiencing negative feelings without having to harass them with questions. Engage with these guests in real time, and prevent the issue from damaging your reputation.

Protect your reputation

Serious complaints will be directed to your Front Desk Manager or GM via any messaging app, in any language.

Easyway CX experts will help you define actions in advance in keeping with your brand to respond optimally to your guests' emotions.

These pre-defined actions will guarantee the solution you offer your guests is tailored to their mood, ensuring their satisfaction and happiness.

Easyway Guest Sentiment can help you to understand how your guests really feel about your hotel

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How does Easyway Guest Sentiment work?

Nonstop tracking of guest sentiment via guest journey touch points

Easyway Guest Sentiment  l  Powered by OpenAI

The Easyway Guest Sentiment system uses machine learning to automatically detect your guests' emotions - no matter which language they speak. By analyzing your guests' phrasing and word choice, you can get a quick and handy snapshot of how all your guests feel.

What is EasyWay Guest Sentiment?

Brand Ambassadors will be identified automatically and asked to share their experiences on social media

Happy guests will be directed to Tripadvisor to leave a review!